Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Trip.

So my brother is hospitalized again.. Poor boy. I visited him this afternoon and he didn't look good.. like this: (G_G) *perhaps..* I hope his twin is going to be here by this weekend so that we can spend our weekend together. How I miss them..

By the way, I just arrived back home, after a stupid April Fool's trip. My friends and I had bus way trip to Monas (National Monument) from Blok M terminal. We stopped at Monas shelter and walked to Monas entrance in the middle of white demonstrant. That was bad. And the high temperature was making it even worse!! I think the temperature was expected around 38'-40' C.. And I'm going to tell you.. THAT'S BRUTAL!! Like it was 100' C. I'm so lucky that I wore trousers and my brother's western-style shirt so I don't get sunburned :D O and thanks to my mom's 200 millions SPF sunblock. But I think I baked my feet because I wore my precious flip-flops and it like I said, was friggin' hot.

I'm wondering why Monas only have 1 elevator anyway. O I see, maybe it is related to its narrow peak but.. Can you make a bigger elevator puh-leeeeze??? We wasted our time for waiting the elevator to come, plus additional 5 minutes to go downstair that made me wanted to scream, "Oh help I'm drowning!". Also, Monas needs to provide some helicopters!! Suggittt!

Ah, sorry, toilet is calling my name. I ate Padangnese too much today - lunch and dinner.



    Never been there...

  2. Oh anyway, my friend also told me that Jkt is hot as hell right now and then the heavy rain... just typical Jkt. I think that's so horrible! And fr your brother: get well soon :-)