Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter Fun!

I twitter: My tummy ache comes and goes. I hate having a period! It is so UNFAIR! Why don't guys ever get anything like this?
Peach replied: Becuz we're much tougher than men are :D
So I replied: *lame* lol I think guys can't have period because they don't have a v***** and they grown other stuff..
Then Peach replied: Ok. So, now ur answer just made me look idiot xC

And lately, Madina Lake is struggling with the t9..

Twitter: picking up van from the shop mateo from airport and regeeseaung for punkspring! oh and tonight weve got a massive game of risk
My mind: Regeeseaung? So after I type Regeeseaung into the Twitter entry box, the spellcheck gives me Regenerate, Regeneracy, Regression, and Cheeseparing as 4 viable alternatives. Then what is Regeeseaung?
One minute later: i meant rehearsing. damn t9 oh and yes i said risk dont judge me

Two days later..

Twitter: i see a carmel machiato and old fashioned donut in my future. leaving for pinkspring Japan in 2 days!
Edit 1: punkspring i mean. youd think i could work this t9 by now. pinkspring just doesnt sound all that rocknroll does it
Edit 2:
ha damnit all ! i meant caramel! maybe uta not t9 after all and im just plain special
Edit 3 (?):
And they're giving up:
haha ok ok im gonna go get coffee. maybe ill try this again later. maybe not