Saturday, August 22, 2009

"OMG She's Alive!!"

Yeaaaaahhhh go ahead and say it. I've been a bad...... BAD blogger lately.

People, if you want a deep dark secret and drama, I have a double dose for you today. This shameless exposure of my life is my attempt at dealing with it.

So, I went to Sg last week. I spent my days with family and met my other half there. And then something happened. Something not good. Here, I announce, I'm no longer Igor's girlfriend anymore. It didn't happen because there was someone else. It happened because we simply can't relate to each other anymore - we have grown up in a lot of ways and there are a lot of things that I don't get about him anymore *and vice versa*. We had a talk about this earlier in the year and we said we would work on things. We tried, but realized that we did not care enough anymore to keep trying. Sooo.. we need to stop calling our relationship something that it's not.

Our main concern is our friendship. It hurts like hell to think we will inevitably cause issues in our lives with this, but if it weren't this, we'd probably end up hurting/hating each other. We want to prevent more severe pain.

Let's be positive though.. we've learned many things together. And if we can openly accept this break up for what it is, then I think the pressure will be off.. there won't be as many expectations and it won't hurt so much :)


Andra said...

I know making the decision you've made is extremely hard, but why it SEEMS so easy?

nadyanaia said...

*batal deh ngasih yang gw janjiin*

Maya Junita said...

Andra: I have no idea.. gaya penulisan aja kali ya, sok2 tegar..

Nadz: eeee itu harus! tetep! ngga ada alasan!

Adinda Adhit said...
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Unknown said...

Just glad you guys are thinking of your friendship. Good luck, and hopefully you'll still blog :)

Anonymous said...

Glad u're alive tho'

nadyanaia said...

Wew. Kan ga ada alasan buat ngasihnya lagi.. :)
*ato minimal gw membeli bersama lo..*

Maya Junita said...

Ka Anggi: Definitely! LOL. Thank you.. :)

Igor: Glad you were here and read this.. Thanks for vomiting here.

Nadz: Jangan sama gua lah, gua kan underage..