Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Theaters Preview!!

Prepare yourself everybody! It's diiiiirrtyyyyy!

Okay, gotta go to school! I'll create PLL labels on this blog as soon as I get home. I love these books so much and y' all have to read them and watch the TV show!

♥, Me.

All credit goes to ABC Family and the other PLL Producers.


  1. oke, gara2 lo sering ngomongin PLL dan secara ga langsung seperti menghasut gue (in a good way, I think :D), dan setelah melihat ini gue jd semakin penasaran sm PLL. gue nunggu tv shownya aja. agak PR kalo beli bukunya sekarang :D

  2. Nggaaaaa lo harus punya bukunya, Sha!