Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mind Blowing To-Do List.

Second semester is almost finished, woopee!! Looking forward to a holiday trip but not sure when & where to go. Expect it anytime in June or July anyway. Or probably October :( Anywho, sorry about PLL entries. I wasn't really productive, but I love PLL Series like whoa.

How about work? April seems to be the most relaxing month. I feel MINUS 800% busier, no "ridonkulous" overtime, which is good for me. No coffee required ;) But somehow, I miss staying up all night working.

So, my schedule is looking like the following really, bearing in minds this is in no particular order since even bringing myself to the point of organizing a to-do list is mind blowingly astonishing.
1. Sleep and make my back hurt less
2. Have a nails trim done
3. Get my haircut (speaking of which, cute short-haired girls abound. I bitterly keep my hair long because that's how I got a more chick look. Dunno..)
4. OD presentation and other assignments
5. Making vacay plan(s)
6. Continue with the whole writing thingy
7. May is approaching, isn't it? Since June is my birthday, I'm going to plan a cute birthday party
8. Hair dye
9. And so on

Lots of stuff to do, now it's just a case of doing it. I'm off to bed.

Love, Me.
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