Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am restless and I keep trembling. Everyone watch me as I descend into a feeling that's overwhelming me. I finally stopped, stopped making sense.

For those of you who occasionally read this blog just to see what's up with me, I apologize if you had some headache reading my whirlwind thoughts. Haha they're incredibly boring and you probably skipped them. It's hard for me to update with something normal, because lately everything seems abnormal for me.

Last week, I saw The Last Song. It was beautiful. The fact that I believe that and that I just about drooled at the beach, the beach house, and the beach party. I seriously get starry-eyed just thinking about going to the beach right now. I'm planning to go back to Bali someday in January 2011. HAHA. I'm positive Bali would never stop calling me. So, Greece, call me please!

My job and school continue to be the sources of heartache, so my brain is also on vacation. Literally, as I have been in such a fog for the most part lately that I forget what I opened my laptops for. Monsoon blues, indeed. End of story.

Talking about school and work makes me want to vomit.

♥, Me.


Unknown said...

No need to apologize. You are just beautiful! I'm sure that your willingness to talk about your thoughts or depression on this blog will have helped more than one person who might be feeling scared and alone. You are amazing and I'm glad to be able to peek in on your life now and then through the beauty of...... the Internet. :)

Unknown said...

Finally you picked the day! =D Enjoy Bali my dear...forget whatever makes you sad and have fun. Let your brain free from boring daily routines, let your heart free from everything that may hurts, and let your body relax in the warmth of Bali breeze.