Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come on ladies, it's time to pop that top and fellas, I know you're ready to rock. We went crazy cooped all winter long and school is out.

My first vacation in 2011 was with my postgrad school classmates. As I announced before, we went to the land of God, a.k.a Bali. Three previous hardcore semesters worth a 3-days sweet escape (Jan 13 night to 16).

By the way, last semester proved to be the toughest semester, EVER. If I wasn't an IT consultant and I don't understand what Software Development Life Cycle is, I will not get an A for HRIS subject which means I would get the straight f-ing Bs! Thanks to my job. Once again, THANK YOU, MY JOB!

So thesis.. Here we come!

♥, Me.


Unknown said...

He? Mau fisheyenya dong pinjem!