Come on ladies, it's time to pop that top and fellas, I know you're ready to rock. We went crazy cooped all winter long and school is out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first vacation in 2011 was with my postgrad school classmates. As I announced before, we went to the land of God, a.k.a Bali. Three previous hardcore semesters worth a 3-days sweet escape (Jan 13 night to 16).

By the way, last semester proved to be the toughest semester, EVER. If I wasn't an IT consultant and I don't understand what Software Development Life Cycle is, I will not get an A for HRIS subject which means I would get the straight f-ing Bs! Thanks to my job. Once again, THANK YOU, MY JOB!

So thesis.. Here we come!

♥, Me.

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