Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drama doesn't follow me it rides on my back.

[See this in Twitpic]

"PIMPLESS" is still wrong! LOL.

Auto-correct errors aren't new to the iPhone and iTouch. For some reason they are so hilarious but they create frustration at some of their ridonkulous suggestions for commonly misspelled or even sometimes correctly spelled words. Back when I was getting frustrated with school and its assignments, my iTouch never censored my repeated use of swear words, and after awhile, it helpfully tried to autofill the words "asshole" for me. How sweet!

One day, I signed in to Yahoo! Messenger using my iTouch and received an offline message. A friend of mine is about to go for Umrah and she left this offline message asking my wishlist. My wish, that day, is to have a 'shitless' 2011. I replied her message using my iTouch, but it didn't like the word "Shitless" and automatically corrected it to "Shirtless". As in,
"Thank you so much! My wish is to have a shirtless 2011. You know what I mean, My Dear :)"
And I almost tweeted this the other day:
"Trying to solve this Sodomy games."
*I meant Sudoku, but I typed Sodoku instead then iTouch corrected it to "Sodomy". Fortunately, I reread my tweet and tweet canceled!

Thanks, iTouch & iPhone, for making us sound crazier than we really do.

For BlackBerry users, auto-correct (or autotext) are really helpful to make these faces:
(˘_˘٥) , ƪ(♥ε♥“)ʃ , and ( ‾▿▿▿▿▿▿‾ )

By the way, if you are interested to find some iPhone auto-correct fails, you can visit There are some auto-correct tragedy that can make your day ;)

♥, Me.


Unknown said...

LMAO yes, auto-correct in Apple is very funy & disgusting at the sametime. Once I texted Edgar, asked him for 2 free G-Party tickets, he answered "Yes, I have 2 free G-Spot tits" before he asked my e-mail lol and he had to revise his message "fucking auto-correct! I meant G-Party tickets!"

Adinda Adhit said...

Hahaha yeah I feel your pain, dear iPhone-rs :-( Despite emoticonsnya yang lucu" dan jahil itu, auto-correctnya kadang bikin handphone minta dibanting. Waktu gw pengen reply e-mail Adhit dengan tulisan singkat 'yeah... so be it', iPhone langsung ganti jadi 'yeah... Sobieski', trus Adhit jadi who is Sobieski, huh? LOL. Funny thou'... tapi diinactive auto-correctnya malah bikin susah ngetik.

Tapi 99% i love iPhone ;-)