Saturday, April 23, 2011

Will they give me the chair or lethal injection or swing from a rope if you dare nobody knows all the trouble I've seen.

When the task of of writing a master thesis has become the number one priority of a postgrad student, a miserable student like me could easily transform our habits of procrastination into a "productive discussion session" with the schoolmates. Sometimes it involves taking our laptop and textbooks to the coffee shop once until 3 times a week. See, thesis has become our lifestyle.

Sometimes, coffee shop studying is less distracting than the oh-so-studious library or my bedroom. At my bedroom, all I could do is leaning on the desk with my left hand (and the other one is busy making box in the desktop) and questioning why we must write a thesis, whyyy?? - whereas going to the school library never makes anything easier since the lazy Librarians always driving me nuts. At the coffee shop, such as Starbucks, the ambiance helps, but the couch is very harmful. The coffee price also very dangerous for your wallet. So in my personal theory, going to a coffee shop to write your thesis is not always a good decision, but it gives you an opportunity to make a little progress. For what it's worth, the underlying theory of my assumption is Vroom's Expectancy-Value Theory. Don't worry, I won't discuss the gory details about that theory.

I managed to stay productive this long weekend. I've read three books this weekend although I have not yet written anything on my thesis paper. And now my eyes are very funky and I'm more than ready to hit the hay.

♥, Me