Monday, June 20, 2011

Hit me, kick me.. Kiss me.

These things are truly strange: people can have emotional feelings and reactions to things that are posted on the Internet - the same feelings and reactions that they'd write using ink in their diaries. A little bit melodramatic yes, but right. Social networking sites literally run our lives. We catch up and keep up with those closest and farthest away via social networking, like we are screaming in the real life saying, "Hey, I'm here! / Hey, I'm bored! / Hey, my boss is stupid! / Hey, those motorcycle drivers are devils / Hey, Honey I miss you. AND I THOUGHT EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THAT!" We used to have the only almightly Reply button, now we have the Like button on one of our mindless status updates (on Facebook and or ReTweet (on Twitter). But is it that simple? I think not.

Example if I may. A nice boy you went on a date with the night before, post a sweet wall post on your Facebook referencing your fantastic night. Your ex-boyfriend "Like"s this wall post. Some of you and readers think he's happy for you and your potential new boyfie. But some of you think the ex is saying, "Hey, glad to see you are moving on nicely, don't forget about me.. hoping you are feeling guilty.." so on, and so forth. I've been facing a similar problem since ages. I am following and reading my ex-boyfriend's wife's blog, Twitter, and; I also befriend her on Facebook. I'm avoiding dropping her a comment or click the Like button when she talks/writes about her husband and family. Now everybody thinks I am jealous because it seems so hard for me to say "I'm happy for you two". Silence is not always so golden then. Yes it's hard, but I'm not jealous. You know what I mean, her husband was my boyfriend for two years. I let him go. We're good friends right now. So whenever the wife writes about how happy they are, I don't want to leave a response as simple as "I'm happy for you two" just because I truly meant it. I truly meant it, and the Like button or some short replies will never explain how much I'm happy for them. It could be interpreted as, "Don't forget, he was my boyfriend before he met you."

Now you know what I mean. Someone could be misunderstood or misinterpreted. When people read a tweet they are FREE to interpret that tweet from their own point of view and stand point. The meaning of "Likes" and replies may be different from its reception and not its original intent. Unlike in the 90's, you had to page someone to call you, so he could call you a whore blatantly on the phone.. and noone knows it.

I don't know if I am a true realist but I do know that I prefer that passion of honest words made from ones mouth. I don't use social networking to establish daily convo and to deliver my formal reaction and feeling. If you hate me, call me and use your voice. Tell me. If you love me, stand outside my house with your shitty boom box that only plays cassette. If you miss me, do something and don't say it using Twitter updates. Do something. Hit me, kick me, kiss me. I will not kill you; I can respect that.

♥, Me.