Sunday, July 3, 2011

G is for Graduation.


Almost every aspect of my life involves writing. I work as a consultant, I produce "documents". I enjoy blogging, means I really love putting my thoughts (and sometimes they're mindless) into writing. I always write wordy IM to my friends. But when it comes to write a master thesis.. I didn't enjoy it. It's funny how during the most exciting and eventful time of my life, I'm the least likely to write. Writing a master thesis is a traumatic experience for me, which is sad. I was feeling forced, worked under big pressure, and I know I could've done better. When you write it is literally yourself versus yourself, without pressure from anyone & anywhere, you will try at maximum effort to pull ideas that could possibly go anywhere from your brain.

And so I must announce here, during my absence in the world of blogging, I have been transformed from miserable grad student to near-alumnus. Two days ago, at approximately 11:50 a.m I passed my thesis defense for Master of Science in Psychology. There are some minor revision needed, and in about 10 days, I should be done forever. I will make my best effort to make this thesis more beautiful and "sounds knowledgeable".

The new and improved chapter of my life has now begun. The last 2 years will be missed.

Visiting new libs.

New libs.

Library has Starbucks!

My signature on Starbucks' wall.

My friend Chia. Both of us has PAD (Post-it Acquisition Disorder).

Chia passed her thesis defense 24 hours before meh :) Yay!

Master of Science!

♥, Me


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