Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cause it's a beautiful day it's a beautiful sunrise. Well I don't want to see you cry but I can take away your pain. The feelings just the same but I can't stand to see you cry.

If you gave me 10 seconds to review 2011, I'd say 2011 was hard, tough, and uncomfortable BUT overall it was a really amazing year. How many times have you stood still at your door waiting for the storm to pass before you stepped out? "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. {Anonymous}". So I danced, I sang, in the rain.

In terms of blogging, I am so proud of myself because I'm able to keep this blog A.L.I.V.E. This blog has been my personal mind-dump for 6 years! I started this blog on December 2005 and my life now is just so, SO different from what it was when I started this blog. I am now a master graduate, I support my life, but this major life change doesn't involve a major blog change (yet). Is it good or not? Anywhooo.. I'm gonna spend few minutes to review 2011 in a metablog post. I did it two years ago so I think I shall make this a yearly tradition.


January 2011 I started my study leave by traveling to Bali. I dedicated the next 6 months to write and finish my master thesis to actually graduate. It was a bitter-sweet semester, because everything seems so sweet if you don't have to work but it was uncomfortable at the same time. The next month, February, my blog entries has been more personal dump than usual. I know I suppose to write thesis not blog post but distractions are processed by the brain quicker than things we try to concentrate on. I just had to admit it. No denying.

March 2011 I started the 100 happiness series. I'll continue to work on them this year. My thesis progress? Only around 10% :( But in April 2011, I made a huge progress. Also in this month, my cousins' mom passed away. It's a sad loss of a beautiful, kind, and inspiring lady in our big family :'( The  fifth month was actually kind of surprised me. My thesis and I seemed to be getting along great on May. I accepted a part-time position in the company, too. So why did I feel I was less productive in this month?

June 2011: Forget about thesis! I turned 24thI graduated the next month, on July 1st, and back to work as a full time consultant. :D The next month, August 2011, I found myself lacking one identity as a student. It was strange, weird, and sad.

September 2011, I posted my convo with an old friend of mine. We talked about New Kids On The Block, our childhood hero. And you know whaaaat..... They're coming to toooown this yeaarr! Oh, I'm so chuffed!

October 2011....... I stayed at the office for 2 nights in a row. What? Yes, I wore pj's at work and I know it wasn't appropriate but whatevs.. Oh, I went to Singapore (again.... and again) in rainy October. Back in November 2011, I got my instagram photo printed for the first time. My oh my, they are so beautiful. With my chronic lack of blogging productivity, this month I wrote a funny post about my friend, Jess, and her online male friends. It feels like I haven't written anything funny since ages.. This blog used to be one of funny blog before 2009.

Basically the second semester was busy at work like the word "Work" typically implies being busy. There were some hard times when I was busier than usual and working on many task at once. December 2011 was tricky month. I went to the outbound area with coworkers, but at the end of this was on the agenda for a lot of our clients. In order to meet the deadlines, we stayed at Palm Court apartment for 8 days, isolated from our social lives and work for 10-16 hours/day.

That's 2011 in review.

♥, Me.