Friday, January 31, 2014

I got my ticket for the long way round two bottles of whiskey for the way and I sure would like some sweet company and I'm leaving tomorrow what you say when I'm gone when I'm gone you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Talking about happiness, I believe it could be considered vague to most people. Happiness, may have a definite dictionary meaning, but varies in every human's own definition. Regardless how individuals have their own definition, it mostly falls into satisfaction as basis. Like me, personally, I consider myself to be mostly happy with the daily struggle and tussle with life and know that working really hard for something is dreadful at the time, but incredibly satisfying at the end (it may make me sound dour, but I really enjoy the challenges of daily life). Thus, for me, happiness depends on one's level of satisfaction - is experienced once satisfaction is fulfilled.

That was my opinion.

"So, if a person is never satisfied, does mean that he will never be happy?", a friend asked me.


I sat there, and pondered and honestly had no idea. I knew how to define the feeling of happiness. Like when a kid hugs me and melts into me (usually my friends' children), or like when I get really sweaty after a workout. Physical touch and quality time are my top love languages, so it makes sense that I feel happy when I'm holding a child. But, I couldn't define what happiness means to me.

So, I realised that happiness, is not fixed at the beginning nor the end. It is, most of the time, in between. It between of every events, choices, or decision. Good moments in life causes happiness. As long as good moments exists, happiness will always tail.

Regardless our own definition of happiness, we have to agree that some people are always trying so damn hard to have it. Of course, it's all relative, but look at ourselves: we don't have to walk miles for water, your siblings and children didn't die of starvation, but we all have our struggles in one way or another. I, sometimes, think that happiness can be over-rated and people start worrying if they are not happy. If your are well, have friends, do something meaningful, why would you not consider yourself happy?

The moments of happiness come and go - sometimes like a visitor, it can't stay long and like a dear friend. We miss it when it's gone. So why questioning the state of being happy?

♥, Me.