Thursday, January 23, 2014

TNR (Thursday Night Run & Thursday Night Randomidity).


I didn't have an urgency to buy any kind of GPS watch or sport watch.. until today.
I just had a 5K run, and I borrowed my friend's Nike+ Sport Watch this evening.. and thought that.....

Meh. Wants. It.

It's a great running watch with lots of cool features. It keeps track and stats such as distance, time, pace, calories, and so on. It can be connected to your Nike+ account too, then it will show you a map of your run!

Nike+ Sport Watch (I'm a fan today!) told me I did 5 km with 7'14" pace (is this thing more accurate than the phone apps?). I know I should take a rest from this running thing due to my high heart rate, but it was a nice quality workout. Now it's really time to start tapering down, both volume and intensity. I have to set my mind to keep its focus and not letting itself distracted now. A bit of rest now for the sake of the best fitness level on Rinjani Altitude Run on August! ;) Oh, I'm replacing running schedules with Pilates to straighten my core *and back to yoga after years away*. Feels so good! It felt good to stretch those poor muscles!

By the way....

I'm happy to report that things have been amazing. Really. Work's been fine so far. Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through certain things, before remembering that I'm working toward something. It'll all be worth it.

Meanwhile, I'm broke. :)) So, yeah, let's forget about that GPS watch thingy. Hit the hay now!

♥, Me.