Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You held me down, but I got up already brushing off the dust you hear my voice, you hear that sound like thunder, gonna shake the ground.

Sooooo.... I haven't talked anything about the new year, and although my life has been busy lately, I couldn't let the beginning of this year pass by without a few words here on the blog.

2013 was a crazy year for my head and heart: the break up, my health issue, and also my career drama. I officially left my job with ETV Crew last November and started a new job at another company. So yeah.. wasn't what I expected it to be like, but after 3 months on the job, I knew ETV project wasn't going to work out so I decided to accept another job offer. I was very lucky, I didn't have to start a new job search. :)

So I turned the calendar from the last day of 2013 to the first day of 2014. It sure looks 2014 is going to be a year fraught with many battles but I feel quite excited about this year!

But OOPS! My health and fitness level are challenging me already. Hmm.. where do I start? My issues all started in the beginning of 2013 when it felt like I never had any energy, and I wasn't seeing any improvements in my running. Lately, I could easily sleep 12 hours straight if I let myself. Additionally, I was losing weight.

I finally went to the doc to see what was causing this fatigue - and after running a blood tests, he decided that anemia was the culprit. This made sense and I was happy to finally know why I was feeling like crap all the time! My fitness level is also in the not-good condition. And actually a lot has unfolded.. like, basically, I am NOT allowed to run with pace 7 or 8 (km per minutes) because I can't keep my heart rate down while running (my ideal/recommended heart rate is around 120 - and the annoying this is I'm running unbearably slow, it still ticks past 160 and into the 170s).

I just knew that heart rate is a wonderful and terrible guide when running/training. It can tell us if we're pushing too hard, if our condition is improving, and how strong our cardio system is. I can't take the risk, I'm going to have to trust the rest of my body, and the experience I'm gaining from the km I've ran to determine the right pace for my running. And that means I need a little support from Garmin heart rate monitor (and GPS watch) *beli Garmin kemudian diselepet bayaran asuransi*

So I'm going to stop running a long distance for a while. I'm gonna try to find a rhythm in my running again and feeling all the energy I have. But I'm not dropping out hehe.. because dropping out is easy.

Read more here: http://obsruntheoden.blogspot.com/#storylink=cpy

Anyway, I recently started using a feed reader, and every other bloggers seem to have a new year's post. Resolutions, or predictions, or retrospectives, or something like that. So now I feel like I need a new year's themed post.

But I don't do resolutions hahah.. I have better things to fail at. So no resolutions! *GREAT!* Moving right along, let's make some predictions! I predict that 70%-75% of the Okay NO predictions! I'm no Mama Lauren. Why am I rambling on this way? xD

Oh of course, time to hit the hay!

♥, Me.