Wednesday, March 19, 2008


YAY!! I'm gonna take a rest because there's something seriously w-r-o-n-g with my brain. Besides, I'm feeling ill. I don't know exactly what it is, but this head is dizzying after few weeks my brain constantly full of things to do. I think the ratio of sakit pikiran to sakit badan is something like 4:1. And one of the best feelings when we're tired is to get into a warm bed. This poor brain needs help!

So I missed International Marketing class yesterday, and the lecturer always give us a ton of assignment to do. And I missed the class. Okay, I missed the class. It's probably going to take a long time to read these horribly-arranged chapters. Bleh..


  1. "I think the ratio of sakit pikiran to sakit badan is something like 4:1"

    As I noticed, kalo kamu gak mikir itu namanya kamu gila. Kebanyakan mikir kamu jadi sakit. Bangun neng, udah siang nih!

  2. gokil blog lo.. pacaran sama Gori jadi opportunity to better your english ya? penuturan english lo bule bgt. gw suka hahaha... besok2 belajar bhs belanda sama gw

  3. Haha tau tuh, Dhit.. Gori kan versi cowonya Cinta Laura! You know lah..

  4. hahaha.. jd inget Gori marah waktu disama2in sama Cinta Laura.

    "kan gw muncul duluan daripada Cincha. dia donk yg ikut2an gw!"


  5. hahahaha... gw inget! tampangnya melas banget.

    comment di blog ini udah diprivate, tp semua punya gmail kan yah? hahaha lama" jadi message board juga niyh!