Monday, June 30, 2014

She combed your hair and she kissed your teeth and she made you better than you'd been before she told you bad things you wished you could change in the lazy summer.

Another year, and another birthday. I turned 27 on the sixth of June. It's crazy how 1 additional number has made me feeling much different from 26. At 26 I was just a year older that 25 - at 27 I am getting closer to 30! 27 just feels good on me. Like it "fits" like a new pair of jeans that fit just perfectly over your hips and button up so comfortably and look just stunning on every part of you.

As I get older I have been realising a lot. You know these past years has been a little tough, but the fun times have definitely outweighed the bad times. One thing I haven't been doing as much is blogging. I've been saying I really want to blog more but it just hasn't happened. After I turned 25, I realised this is the time to buckle down and grow up - a time to think about buying a house, getting married, and making retirement plans.

I feel so incredibly blessed on this new age. I don't say that to show you how great my life has been compared to all of yours, but because the truth is I think we are all so incredibly blessed. I feel like there are blessings beyond measure, beyond counting, beyond what we will ever have the capacity to recognise.

I will be back, hopefully with a new blog theme and personal domain! ;)