Monday, October 12, 2015

7 Days Social Media Talks: Endorsements.

Social media endorsement can be advantageous since this low cost strategy may increase brand's and Endorsers' exposure. Back in early 2011 when I signed up Instagram, everybody there was just trying to be a still-life photographer. Everyone wanted to let their followers see what they see - that's why choosing the right filter-and-frame was obligatory. Instagram was beautiful and simple and inspiring.

Now it's 2015 and it's been a year of countless endorsements and hashtags. Many Indonesian Lifestyle Blogger, who are take a serious job as a full-time Blogger, have landed endorsement deals to promote a product on their personal social media, including blog and Instagram. The products that they shill on social media tend to repeat a small range of categories: skin care, make up, and homemade organic juices.

Endorsers are intended or paid to communicate their positive experience or finding about a product or service. Since Endorsers in social media usually celebrities or bloggers with large followings, the real problem is it's impossible to know if it's an authentic plug or if they received commission to say nice things about it.

Technically, if we are an Endorser, we shouldn't talk about our experience with a product if we haven't tried it, right? Endorsers shouldn't make claims about a product that would require proof they don't have. From the followers' perspective (who also sometimes happen to be consumers), lines get blurred on social media where it's hard to tell from a photograph and testimonial whether the product did magic or The Endorser got 24 free facial treatment with placenta session in exchange for her fabulous post endorsing the brand.

Even though endorsements has become a tool for advertisers, I think the message have to be truthful and not misleading, especially for celebrity endorsement (Bloggers tend to be truthful because they tried the product). So both of advertisers and "The Endorsers" are advised to use representative testimonials and accompany the endorsement by information describing what consumers can generally expect from use of the products or services. :)

♥, Me.

Photo credit: Say Hello Photography [link].