Wednesday, November 18, 2015

7 Days Social Media Talks: Selfie.

Once upon a time there was a magic in our hands: light, compact, high tech, and was possible to make all people in the world know how beautiful they are as human being. That magic was called  a built-in camera, on your cellphone.

My first camera phone was a Sony Ericsson K310 with a VGA camera, and my parents bought it for me about 10-11 years ago when I was in high school. Nowadays as many of us carry our "cameras" almost constantly, one particular style of picture is becoming ever more ubiquitous.. a photo that you take of yourself a.k.a selfie.

While selfies can be viewed in a somewhat negative light, they can also play a very positive role in people's lives because they help people portray a version of themselves to the world.

(I love seeing and examining people's selfies *LOL*)

At times selfies are simply something that help people get through the day, while at other times, it can be very powerful statement to inspire people through social media. People are constantly trying to stand out, whether it's by the clothes that they wear or cause they're involved (such as #Movember or #NoMakeUp-related selfies that support cancer awareness program). It is a statement to the world. It allows people to stand out among the masses.

But remember the consequences. What people do not aware is that sharing some information in your selfies with others might as well put them in danger and unintentionally help stalkers find their location based on their "selfie behaviour". So as you post a selfie on the Internet and social media, sometimes you're not only giving out personal and surrounding's information (family or friends). While you think you are only doing something fun, selfies do reveal a lot about your physical appearance, therefore, you are also sharing with a stalker or a potential criminal the places where you and your friends tend to hang out or activities you pursue. I've written about the importance to keep your private things private here [link]. :)

I am so happy that social media has given us a lot to live up in terms of body image. What selfies have taught me is everybody is unique and beautiful. It's okay to have a gaping mile between your teeth or a two yard square forehead - you're just achingly cool and have just the "aesthetic" that we should all be aiming for. But now as you are more aware of the possible dangers, you might need to consider ways of protecting yourselves against the dangerous consequences of sharing too much information online.

Be wise :)

♥, Me.

Photo credit: Say Hello Photography [link].