Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 Days Social Media Talks: Your Fake Profile.

If you hang around this blog for any amount of time, you will discover that I really, really do not love lists! I couldn't finish my 100 Happiness Project, and 7 Days Project just turned into a 7++ Months project. Ten years, and I realised that blogging is one of those career where you are responsible for self-motivation.

And speaking of blogging, Nadz Nidz Nudz just made a new blog. It's her fourth blog in about 10 years. I told her to get her personal domain, and so she did *MEHEHEHEHE* Link here [click]. Also, as you can see it, today I made theme change!

Back to the main subject about social media.. Shall we?

A few weeks ago, I overheard two Indonesian beauty or life style bloggers curhat to each other about their lives (they talked too loud at a restaurant and I was sitting beside them eating my curry rice). They were talking about the idea behind beauty and life style blog, and I heard something like this:

I gotta admit that behind the smiles displayed in Instagram and Blog when endorsing products, lies some lies. I'm an ordinary woman, and currently I am badly in need of repair. But this is my job - I'm only allowed to display the positive to endorse products and impress viewers.

So is she tend to be less-than-genuine on her social media?

I know her so I immediately searched her Instagram account. Lovely woman with more than 5K followers. I read people's comments and everybody was like "You're so beautiful..", "My inspiration..", "I love your smile..", "Can you show us how to do your hair?", and blablabla. Based on what I saw that day, her spirit didn't quite measure up to her awesome Instagram feed.

What if, behind one of her "Facebrag", she had ten depressing things that have happened to her that day?

While they may not be intentionally faking "it" online, I think they need each other to stay true, like admitting to a disappointment or frustration so they can help each other realise they are not alone.

And for us.. We tend to forget that what we see on social media is the highlight reel. Sometimes, what we see are the curated bits of their daily living. Social media will let you to curate your life to your heart's desire. If you believe that a picture may be worth a thousand words, you have to understand that social media doesn't tell the whole story.

♥, Me.