Sunday, August 5, 2007

i caught fire.

seemed to stop my breath my head on your chest waiting to cave in from the bottom of my.. hear your voice again could we dim the sun and wonder where we've been maybe you and me so kiss me like you did my heart stopped beating such a softer sin.. i'm melting in your eyes i lost my place could stay a while and i'm melting in your eyes like my first time that i caught fire just stay with me, lay with me now . never caught my breath every second i'm without you i'm a mess ever know each other trust these words are stones why cuts aren't healing learning how to love . you could stay and watch me fall and of course i'll ask for help just stay with me now we could take our heads off stay in bed and just make love that's all just stay with me now . in your eyes let's sleep till the sun burns out i'm melting in your eyes


Anonymous said...

walah sinjink! ngingetin gw aja sama lagunya