Friday, February 22, 2008

Me in Tagebuch.

Do you remember my older blog? There are tons and tons super duper not important topics in it. It's just like Gado-gado (could someone tell me how to say Gado-gado in English? Mixed vegetables, huh?). So I decided to switch my older blog to this Tagebuch (diary in Deutsch).

I've been having loads of fun with this world of blogging; I've shared my wonderful days, crazy thoughts, song of the day, anger, and so on.. and so on (it's including made new enemy he3x). It's not easy to switch the blog because you'll feel like you left something in your past. But it's going to be okay. Feel free to visit my old blog. Click here.


Andra said...

made, aku juga ikutan ke blogger ah biar bisa comment"an. rajin kunjungi blogku yaa...