Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm So Damn Bored!

As I said in this posting, on Sunday, it's hard to think of interesting ways to pass the time. Yes it's really hard. My family and I went to Matahari Citos to buy some.. uhm.. underwear, so I called today as an underwearday. Then, I am deciding to.. blogging, although I've felt that I haven't had anything interesting to say. Yeah, I usually blog about things that are of no interest to anyone. My apologize..

Speaking about my new blog, I've created a bunch of 'Labels'. Look at my sidebar. No, no, no. Don't look at my photo. Scroll down. That's it. See it now? So, my question is.. "Is it important to have a lot of labels on your blog?" Hmm.. But who cares? I love it. Hihihi..

So.. next weekend is a long weekend and I need things to do to prevent me spending any boring-long-weekend. So, what should I do?

Looking forward to tomorrow, which is the beginning of new semester, I think I'll be busy this semester with my brain constantly full of lists and things to do.. as usual. Holiday's over!! Holiday's over!! I can't believe it!!

I have nothing to say. I have nothing to write. Perhaps Gos is telling me to shut up right now.


Andra said...

makanya punya suami donk!
minimal bilang ke pacarnya jgn pergi" mulu kerjaannya. blagu amat ya gw,,, hehe...

made thanx ya! eyah, dasar lo ganti link gak lapor"! untung gw cepet nemuinnya :P

Andra said...

made javajazz aja yuk,,, yg jumat!!! pasutri pd kesitu. anak" jg kayaknya pd ksana. ajaklah pacarmu,,, masa bjork ditonton tp jazz nggak mau... ;)

Unknown said...


Maya Junita said...

Ih.. I'm not into Jazzy stuff deh yaa.. kalian-kalian aja tuh para pasutri!