Thursday, April 3, 2008

Many Things Had Happened.

Many things had happened.

Okay, I lied. Nothing happened on last Sunday.

Still.. I hate the rush Monday.

Discussion and presentation. Well, I'll call Tuesday with "Obecity and Over-Weighted Books Day".

My day off, actually.. but I went to campus to attend Strategic Management's substitute class. And, hell yeah, the lecturer canceled the class then!

Oh shit! I have assignments to do.


Andita Vernada said...

Maayyyy... Go online! Hurry! I need to share you some stories !!!

Maya Junita said...

Dita Ditaa.. aduh baru baca commentnya. Masa sejak Jum'at kemarin gua ngga bisa buka blogger. Mana MSN ngga bisa online, ada masalah sama key port-nya ngga ngerti musti diapain.. aduh.. aduh..

Maya Junita said...

Iiiiihh bisa Dit bisa MSN guaa.. ternyata gara2 IE gua masih pake proxy kampus heheheh..