Tuesday, October 28, 2008

O Hi!

So, I suppose I abandoned this little place because I'm lazy to update this blog. Seriously, no lecturer, no band, no activity, no blog. I have nothing to write about.

I'm not in a good mood anyway, because yesterday, Facebook officially removed my awe vid (entitled Karaoke Gone Crazy - I journaled it)! Since the video had 142 comments I feel so.. FUCK YOU FACEBOOK! I don't blame anyone - and I couldn't, but I think someone reported my vid contains alleged copyright violation HEY DON'T YOU SEE THE CREDIT, BITCH?! So I decided to upload the vid on YouTube and write:


Oh yesss I got this award from Judo:
and I'll give the award to my great buddy. Yeeaaaaaaay!! Claps your hands, please.. Whatever.

Hmm.. Oh ya, I went to my friend's wedding last Friday night. I'm so happy for her. I went there with my friends without voice - I couldn't speak for 2 days, then we ended up at Ke'ku:n Kemang until midnight. Uh, okay, she has the details [link].

Thesis.. oh.. I'm sooo very lazy. I'm on chapter 3 and it isn't interesting at all because we're talking about statistic. I hate statistic. I got 2 Cs from statistic. And also my thesis advisor is kinda busy with her own life/assignment/work so I'm kinda 'free'. Only stoopit person thinks it's an opportunity to delay our work *I'm the queen of procrastination*.

Also also also I went to Surabaya for 3 days, from 17th-19th of Oct. For the FIRST time! Oh my God! Surabaya is so hawt! I attanded my cousin's wedding vow and the reception will be held in Jakarta in the beginning of November. YAY! Wedding party again! Lotsa free food for lunch!

My father just arrived from somewhere outside the country and he didn't bring anything for me but chocolates. *COUGH* my throat is itchy.

Sorry this post kind of random. I shouldn't blog, anyway. Bad grammar? Sorry, I'm not willing to reexamine my writing before I click PUBLISH POST button.


  1. exhaaaaaaaale...