Sunday, November 2, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Finally, I can do it MANUALLY!
*Chicken dance along with ngebor*

November already? Where in the world did the time go?
My plan now is to spend the next 12 hours revising the chapter 1-3 of my thesis, but I have a feeling I will end up on Facebook. Yeah, as usual. Photo-comment party, wall-to-wall-comment war, and IM conference are always brutally teasing me.

Congratulation for officially-graduated 'Chipmunk' Dita (even though her new chapter of life already begun several months ago, I guess :P).. I wish you have a bright future, Dit. Anyway-ay, I'm so jealous.

I gotta get back to thesis :)
Focus! Focus! Focus!


Adinda Adhit said...

Lucuuuuu... Jadi pengen bali essential oil/aromatherapy... Tapi kok Nigth Queen ya? Hihihi... Dasar orang Indonesia...

Andita Vernada said...

thank you very berry mucho, pantat bayiii.. cepatlah menyusul kau. good luck yaaa thesis nya !