Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I sat there (yes, on that chair since my superflower desk chair is broken into 2 parts) for 7 hours and the sweetest 8 words this morning are: the first draft of my thesis is done. Explanation later. I have to sleeeeeeep.. I have 2 hours to sleep. I probably extend this post in the afternoon or tonight. So, blah.

Update 7:45 PM
As I promised (to myself, not to you), I continue this post. It was almost 9:30 AM when I got out of my bed. So I went to campus, and.. where the bloody hell is my thesis advisor? She didn't show up!

Just a little silly confession, I cried when I wrote my preface. Hihihi.. it was super cold in my bedroom and I was freezing, a bit shivering, and I cried! What an emotional moment. I'm such a baby girl.. :P whatever.

Oh yay! I found it inside my butter crackers:

LMAO! Okay.. okay.. pantang menyerah! Thanks for supporting me, Oops! You mean so much to me.

I'm off. Gotta check my silly grammar and fix it, then crash on my bed and sleep.


Unknown said...

Hahahahahanjrit.... kalau gak ada si pantang menyerah gw nggak ninggalin comment kali. tololz abis momentnya.
moto si pantang menyerahnya pake diafragma brp cong? gagak fokus bener2 tapi blur di backgroundnya soft bener. hunting yuk... lari dari kenyataan...

Maya Junita said...

2.8 cooooong males gua ganti2 dulu (gagak sabar untuk upload maksdutnya). Ayooo hunting! Mau banget lari dari kenyataan!

Hahaha iya itu si pantang menyerah datang di saat yang tepat.. ;)

Kibo rajin deh iiiih mengunjungi blog gua.. hahaha..