Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live from the Crime Scene.

Indonesian Twitterer threatens to commit suicide!

I got the news about 2 hours ago from my friends' Twitter. Then I opened her (a woman who has no reason to life) Twiter and found some creepy tweets written by her. She's suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Oh man, I'm so sorry to know that (I know this kind of illness is hard to deal with). But guess what, minutes later, I found out the bad news has spread all over Twitter, including Alyssa Milano's Twitter and his, hers, his, hers.... and they were like, "Call authorities!" Man.. do you mean Indonesian's authorities? Come on!!!!!

The funny thing is, I found that she's following and followed by this purple shoes with leaves logo fashion forum, so I googled her nick name, along with forum's name, and I found 2 or 3 forum replies posted by her. Approximately 15 minutes ago, I checked the forum's Twitter, and the last entry was about wearing something from Target Go International shirt, meanwhile.... the woman who has no reason to life thought the people around her either hate her or wish that she doesn't exist, about an hour before. I was like.. WTF. The woman is putting a sharp knife on her hands and a fashion stylist knocked her door and said, "Hello I'm wearing Target Go International!"

Laughing. My. Ass. Off.

I think the Twitterverse keeps spreading the news.. She got 400-ish followers in 2-3 hours. LOL.

Oh well, basically my friends and I don't think it's real. My friends and I think she's having her lunch with her besties right now. LOL. And I wanted to remind you this is not the first case. Remember this [link]? I'm sorry if I just slapped someone in the face. I'm supposed to work right now.

Hey, just let me know if it's real!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ouch i read her twitter and CK's... this is so selfish and pathetic. embarrassing!!!!!

Adinda Adhit said...

Tweeting about suicide is not funny. What the hell she's thinking about?!
The fact? She's alive and tweeting again! What a shame...
Thanks for feeding me this morning with this shocking but hilarious news babe. I really enjoyed them :-D

Unknown said...

she posted a suicidal message on her twit? that's ridiculous. lol. i wanna hear the complete story. tonite

Unknown said...

LOL!! pathetic

Maya Junita said...

Yes, it was ridiculous and 'not funny' at all. And it was super duper embarrassing to know bule-bule out there gave their best attention to her - they don't know anything about L.E.B.A.Y!