Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Care to move on, and afraid to feel young again, why? Take all that you know inside, and leave it behind.

Hello, I am here because I am ill. I was supposed to be in Semarang for business causes, but I think God implicitly told me that my body needs to take a break. I've been suffering from typhoid fever and infection here and there for 5 days now, so doctor advise me to take a quiet long rest. What could I say? :(

I have been running a crazy world for a year. Since I was an introvert person, my friends always tells me how important it is to take a few minutes a day to just meditate on life. "Do something that you love, write something or post an entry on your blogs and see how yourself feel it!". I must say it is fun like eating your favorite foods. You actually can do it by turned your computer off, silent your cellphone, and shut your eyes, then take a few minutes for yourself. Think about where you were, where you are now, and where you are headed. That isn't difficult. You can feel this overwhelming sense of joy at all the great things you do have, you can ignore every negative thought during this "quiet time". People tend to be negative when they're depressed and alone. So think about the bright side: you have a job, you have family that you totally lucked out on being a part of, and friends that couldn't be replaced. Life is good, life is beautiful.

Saturday, June 5th, 2010, I walked to Kuta Beach with Pete and Brigitta, Igor's friends. I decided not to join Nadya to Ubud (hiii , Sweetie, thank you for the great vacay!). As I walked along the beach, millions different emotions stirring in my heart. I, seriously, finally, realised how fragile life is. One minute you can be on the right track and doing all the right things, and next thing you know it can be turned upside down. It left you wondering how you got where you did. Most of us gets up with all the same though floating through our head: How am I going to make it through this day? Some it's a matter of getting dressed and heading to work and coming home. Or it's getting up to take an exam at school and spend the rest of the day studying. It's simple as that, but for some it's complicated. It's mustering up the courage to face the world and all the shit that comes with that. I think that's why getting out of bed is the hard thing to do for some of us. You could wake up to the thought of getting loaded and removing themselves from any conscious thought and escaping from reality, or choosing to live better than yesterday and doing what you can to be the best person you can be.

At the end of the day, it will be the thing that could ever happen to us. Without the bitter the sweet just isn't as sweet. We will never be able to fully enjoy the good wthout the bad. And sometimes it takes your life falling apart completely before you figure out exactly you want to be and where you wanna go. Life sucks sometimes, but most of us have it pretty damn easy - no denying that! But remember that no matter what you face on a day-to-day basis, life is what we make it. We have so much opportunity at our fingertips and with the right of amount of work we can make what life we have the best it can be. Life's cool.

♥, Me.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm... Very deep. Very moving. I'll pray for you.