After being separated for 5 years..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My old vocal group (quintet, to be exact) will be reunited this October. Back in 2003, I was kicked out from the group because I wasn't coping well with puberty and voice changing, leaving Andra the only girl in the group. One year later, Qintara, who has the most amazing voice I've ever heard, joined the group.

Next October, Andra, Qintara, and I will be performed together in the group along with 2 other boys. We have received the song list, and amazingly, our new manager (okay, he's our temporary manager) didn't give us any female song. So Qintara and I decided to discuss this "problem" on the messenger.

Me: Lol yea..
Qintara: He falls in love with the boys' voice I swear
Me: Really?
Qintara: Yeah
Me: Is he gay?
Qintara: I'm 80% sure he's gay
Me: That's cool! We have a gay manager. We support diversity, aight? Like we have a Palembang-Sundanese aka me, a Balinese aka you, bule-nese aka Igor & D', we're really cool!
Qintara: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't think your opinion is required *sweat* and it's not related *sweat* I'm so gunna reply his e-mail right now proposing 2 replacement songs, whadya think?
Me: Totally a good idea. If I had to eliminate 2 songs, they will be Hey Jude and Maroon 5's.
Qintara: Noted. We'll replace them wif Adele's Rolling In The Deep and Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert. How how? :-D
Qintara: Why?
Me: Those are breathtaking songs. And by breathtaking I mean you are going to leave me wheezing "I can't breathe, I can't breathe" on the stage.
Qintara: Ooooo... I know, give those parts for the boys! Let the boys be the lead in Adele's.
Me: And how about ussss?
Qintara: We'll sing the boys' songs! I think I can reach the higher note in Michael Jackson's and Queen's (remember I can sing like Mercedes SSSSOMBODI TOOOOOH HLOOO~OO~OOOO~O~OOOOOVVVV) and who else? You can rule the lowest note in the Bee Gees' :-) How how?
Me: So what's the difference? I need to avoid those boys songs.
Me: Qinta, focus focus focus!
Qintara: Did I just shit myself?
Me: No, you didn't but now you just jinxed yourself.

I got a bad feeling about this reunion.


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