Monday, October 14, 2013

7:45, we're drivin' on the highway, cruisin' so fast, I want time to fly, fun, fun, think about fun, you know what it is, I got this you got this, my friend is by my right.

Wooo! Before it's too late, I thought I'd share a wordy recap of my recent weekends. It wasn't low key, nonetheless, but I had a lot of fun. By the way, on the weekdays I was worn out, exhausted from not-so-busy work-filled days and I just couldn't even think clearly enough to write. So I spent the past weekends focusing on my family, friends, and myself. I feel much better after taking some time off.

Let's start with Friday, the 4th of October. I started that weekend with 3 hours karaoke with ETV crew. We sang at the top of our lungs. It was crazy.

The next day, I went to Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar with my post-grad friends. Our friends, Dini, was volunteering as event's committee and I have to say she's awesome (and married!).

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to hit up the road at car free day (CFD). My running buddy, Sammy, and I had planned to run at Bintaro area but we decided to go to Sudirman to meet my friend Chia (also one of my post-grad ladies) who joined Mandiri Run race. I ran almost exactly the same race route, except I made it an 4.16k run by going around the shorter side of the road in the beginning. I ended up helping Chia selling Indo Runners' running jersey after the run until 10am. After that we stopped by Starbucks Senayan City and moved to Gandaria City before heading home. (PS: It was my first time running at Sudirman CFD. I kinda liked it but the sun shone bright across the street, making the weather extremely hot at 6:30am and I was sweating from all my pores!)

After the run, I visited Mama Anyez. She had her second chemo last week. While her family sat in the cheerful waiting room, I chatted and laughed with Mama Anyez over the many funny stories about my past relationship. It sparked so many memories between us 12 years ago. She's always been kind to me and I'm thankful for our friendship. I love her, but mostly, I loved being able to sit and visit and not focus on the awful truth that my friend's mom was fighting for her life. :)

Sunday night, I went to friend's wedding. Nothing special. Next.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, skip.

I spent last Saturday with Nadya. We had a short angkot trip to PoinSquare to get her ears re-pierced (I recorded the process with my cellphone and I feel like I have to keep the video for her kids). Before I went to my kindergarten-elementary-junior high-senior high's wedding (and she's also my mom's second cousin) at the evening, Nadya and I had lunch at our second home (read: Pondok Indah Mall). Not much happening at the mall but we bought some.. stuff. Yeah, some stuff :|

Sunday! It means running day again! It was a little bit different because my brother participated in his first 5k at Allianz Jakarta Heart Run. He made a last minute decision and registered Wednesday for the Sunday event without exercise. Me and Chia didn't joined the race this time but we were there. I decided to hit a 5k yesterday by running on the 6th to 10th km for 10k runners. I have to say the 10k route was a bit horrible since the traffic wasn't all cleared and they were literally running side by side with cars and motorcycles :| Bad route. They should've taken the CFD area.

I finished in just under 35 minutes according my running app. At the finish line, my brother and I bumped into our cousins who participated in the race. It was surprising and made my Sunday morning.

And today was me and Nadya time again. We had a beauty day at the saloon. God bless the "government shutdown" (aka Cuti Bersama) even though I don't like the idea.

Now onto the bad news..

Actually I have been feeling pretty ill recently. Major fatigue, thirst, headache, and it has something to do with my tummy :( I also have a problem with my weight. Let's say I have observed my weight steadily dropped these six months. I mean I was developing good habits, but at the same time I didn't felt very driven by the numbers. I have lost 3-4 kg in six months and I am now officially underweight. My body mass index is below 18.5 (17.77 - and it means it dropped a total of 0.73 in 1 year, that put me into "Underweight"). Doctor suggests me to eat more carbs, re-nutrition my body, and stop running for a while because my body needs some fat.

So let do this. I need to re-plan my meals. Add in the extra eggs and rice will do the trick! More meals, less running or exercise, more sleep, and be a potato couch. I guess not :|

Let's schedule the general medical check-up first!

Stay healthy, you! Until later.

♥, Me.

(PS: I'm writing this from my cellphone. Gonna add some pictures when I'm able to reach the laptop soon!)