Saturday, January 31, 2015

She's got her lipstick on here I come da da dum.

I've been involved in several boudoir session as an associate photographer. Each session contains of photoshoot, make over, and hair-do. I'm starting to understand the concept of women's beauty, and how cosmetics bring out the best in every woman.

And I am a kind of woman that, "You have to choose between eyes or lips because you can't do both.". Lately I've been doing too much lippies! Remember my blog entry about my red lips? Today I have come to write my four favorite lippies I've been obsessing over for a while.


1. NYX Matte Lipstick "Alabama" - it is a replacement for my Dior Violet Solstice. I love this because it doesn't bleed in the fine lines around my lips and long lasting. Although a lil bit Vampire-y, if you are a pale or bright skin and dark-haired then this lipstick will give you the look of Snow White. I love it! You can watch a very helpful review about NYX Matte Lipstick series here.

2. Wet n Wild Retro Pink - With a radiant pink tone and very glittery, this shade has shimmer that practically screams, "Garden partayy!!!" The result is quite as retro as what you might expect but this is a great lipstick whenever you are feeling dull.

3. Sephora "Neutral Rose" - It is one of the best gloss I've ever used! It's hydrating and gives beautiful full color. The color pops but not lasting so a re-application would probably be ideal.... call me lazy but that seldom actually happens. This is my daily use.

4. NYX Butter Cream "Tiramisu" - The texture itself is what I would consider bleeding but I must admit that the nude color is great and last a fair amount of time. And it does do a good job of moisturising my chapped lips. Aside Sephora "Neutral Rose", this is my daily use.

♥, Me.