Tuesday, June 23, 2015

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me.

So I turned 28 on June 6. I am now officially in the late 20s club and I can tell ya that even though we age, we don't automatically become old! Amen to that.

In honour of my birthday, I am sharing 28 random facts that you probably don't know about me. I know I'm probably almost a lifetime late on the "Facts About Me" tag that went round Friendster's Bulletin Boards, blogs, and lately Instagram a few years ago so I thought I should debunk the idea in a get-to-know-me post ;)

Here we go..

1. I am the one who will randomly break out in ridiculous dance in public places, just to make a fool of myself for laughs.

2. I am a secret romantic but an open realist. Ha!

3. I hate when I try to speak English and end up speaking Parseltongue! Haha no, I actually speak English with a Singlish'ed-British accent.

4. Every year I receive same birthday message from my ex boyfriend. It says, On the 6th day of 6th month 1987, God said "Let there be sass". But the universe wasn't sure if He said Sass or Ass and thus [mentioning my full name] was created. Happy birthday!

5. According to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, I am an ISTP. Intraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

6. I cannot keep a plant alive. Bye.

7. After all nut-milks drama I had with Andra, now I'm able to make my own nut-milk.

8. My first name is Junita (pronounce: "Jew-nee-tuh"). I don't react if people call me "You-nee-tuh", just like old Indonesian or German.

9. I wear my retainers every night. Sometimes 12/24. Shifting teeth problem.

10. The last time I got properly drunk was when I was 18, since then I've barely touched alcohol.

11. I'm a thrill junkie. But I hate ferris wheel it makes me barf.

12. My friend told me that if I were a GPS I would be sound like this, "Listen bitch! You drive for 2.7658 km and turn left at the first intersection. If you miss it that is your own problem not mine."

13. Glasses and jeans shopping frustrates me because of my tiny, tiny, tiny bodie. None of them fit me.

14. I have the worst selective hearing EVER. If you were to talk to me as I write this, I just wouldn't hear you.

15. I run 6.06 km at 6-something pace (km/min) on my 27th and 28th birthday.

16. I don't wear flats. I wear vans, sandals, or 7 cm high heels.

17. I sing all the time when I'm alone but would never properly sing in front of anyone. I love karaoke-ing anyway!

18. Ten to go. I'm starting to get bored and it's 9:20 pm.

19. I wish I could have a perfect shape tummy but the need for chocolate and ice cream is too strong! And I really love gorengan in the afternoon break. I have no self-control when they're around.

20. I have a serious "on repeat" problem when I discover a new song I like. I put it on repeat like 1 zillion times until I get sick of it.

21. Sayur oyong and baby corn freak me out! I honestly don't know how people can eat those things. They disturb me on so many levels!!!

22. Getting me to watch a movie in the cinema is like pulling teeth. I hate sitting down for long periods where I am forced to be quiet and sit still.

23. "If I had a daughter, I would name her Louisa but I'd like to call her Joey." - Me, about 19 years ago, because I adored Xena The Princess Warrior. I wanted my daughter to have a warrior-y name and Louisa means Famous (Woman) Warrior.

24. I've always struggled with anything math related. And biting my tongue.

25. My fashion sense is all about comfort.

26. I was once paid to be a dancer in TV commercial. For your information, I can't dance. I was terrible.

27. I'd rather backpack in the jungle and study from local cultures than vacation at a 5-star resort.

28. Bio in my Twitter page is "I speak with my face" and that's real.

Happy fasting month and I wish you all a good week!

♥, Me.