Sunday, August 9, 2015

Walk a mile in these Louboutins but they don't wear these shits where I'm from I'm not hating, I'm just telling you I'm tryna let you know what the f@#k that I've been through.

Last week I have received an invitation in my e-mail to contribute in local website that basically asked me to write about the topics that need to be discussed in the world: job, ambition, and career. It obviously did get me thinking about myself and how I portrayed myself in the past years. Basically I am in the stage that I just don't care about having a career. Of course I like working but I have no desire to work my way up the career ladder.

If you wanna know how it all started, follow this [link]. Since that plot-twist, I couldn't trust my employers, including my current employers. I was overcome with a very familiar feeling "I can't work here and I get the sense I would be so insecure and setting up myself to fail if I continue to work here." (Name the feeling! It's FEAR.) Every time I've felt this way, I nearly ended up quitting from my job. NEARLY. Where I go I just don't know.

So.. doubts about my career path and ambitions? Currently is THE STORY OF MY LIFE. LOL.

Six years working, I've been an undecided field. I graduated from Management, got my Master of Science title two years later, but at work I'm dwelling somewhere within the midst of IT, business process, compliance, and risk management. I've most recently decided to go ahead with risk management, but let's not forget, my passion is about something in strategic area.

The beauty in all this? I realised something..

That you cannot stop facing issues that are normal.
That you are who you are.

So I asked myself, "Whatever I want to do, is it worth doing despite this fear?"
Learning to face my fears is an essential part of growth.

This way, even if I fail, the question still applies: Is it worth trying again?

Maybe we all can do it to ourselves, because if we succeed, we won't be afraid of doing that thing any more, and move on to bigger things that are worth being afraid of failing at, and hence succeeding at.

♥, Me.


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