Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hot Weather, You ARE SO Difficult....

I have a very big issue with hot weather and going outside during the day, but even though my eczema and rashes are back as hell (week 3 or 4 is it?) I went outside to meet colleagues and a friend. Nowadays I probably took longer to get ready to go out. I feel lame.

Then comes the rain afternoon and night until my backyard is flooded. I love rain, did I mention that?

I have a million things to do but sadly I'm finding it's more difficult than usual to focus and forgetting things easily. Things are hard enough so yes, I'm procrastinating. I know it's going to bite me in the ass, but all I can think about is another million things such as: reading a fiction, going to a mall to *NGADEM*, staring another online course, new ways to do my makeup, running, how sick-and-tired I am of the damn hot weather, my aching back, saving up, visiting Singapore, being lazy, organizing, watching a film, a new blog design, and it doesn't really end there really..

And as always, I'm thinking about how nice vintage camera is...

Bye for now. I'm starving.