Sunday, June 2, 2024


Last week, an old client reached out to me and inquired about a consulting job. When she asked how long it had been since we last met, I answered seriously, "Mbak, we now measure time in terms of pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. The last time we met was waaaaayyy before the pandemic".

I was joking, but I was serious too :)) Many of us have unintentionally agreed to this kinda time division. I wonder if that's how humanity originally establish "BC" and "AD".

Anyhow, a few days earlier, I found this on Stickies. I wrote this during night group chat with my friends in 2021 and we were drunk in front of our computer (so technically we write this together and decided to not give it a damn).

(I hid this Stickies for years. I rarely open it because I find it messes up my desktop wallpaper).

But it's funny, yeah?

I am too lazy to read my blog post archives but I remember during the pandemic, I complained a lot about work. About everything, generally. Now, It's probably been 1-2 years since we've ditched masks and returned to normal life. I've almost forgotten how it felt to be scared to leave the house for fear of contracting covid. Now I was like, damn, a few years ago so many people died from covid and now seeing us all healthy feels... unfair. The virus was deadly, and now it's been over a year since I've heard anyone report catching covid.

But the most annoying part is remembering all the time WASTED because of PSBB or whatever they were called. It SUCKS that this month I suddenly turn 37, and I totally forgot what I did when I was 33-35. 36? Oh, I'll definitely will remember this age because something *historic* happened that made me who I am today (this could be good or bad, we'll see the effects in a few years - mwah!).

I just wanted to write a bit to mess up this blog. What I am writing now is different from my original plan, because I was going to share something but nah, I'll keep it to myself for now. Meanwhile, I'll post some random photos from the past year.

Let's enjoy the LAST YEAR OF FUCK IT WE BALL!!!! Adios!

First business trip to Vietnam. Wondering if it also be the last? I like the food and the "Bandung-esque" atmostphere of Ho Chi Minh City.

And now, jumping to random days in Singapore:

Perhaps the most important thing this year is finding ways to upgrade myself because, for god's sake, the expertise I've chosen in this world is actually stressing my mind and mental health......

...... and mistakes? Made plenty. Regrets? Maybe a few. But again, this is the final chapter of FIWB, so que sera-sera. Let's see what chaos I can create next!