Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Backstabber Quote(s).

Boyfriend: A good friend stabs you in the front.
MD: Agreed!
Boyfriend's brother: How? (Sometimes he's kinda slow. LOL. Don't hit me!)
Boyfriend: As they said, a true friend stabs you in the front..
MD: Yeap. Right in the heart <3!
Boyfriend's brother: Oh I see, because a BAD friend stabs you in the back!!!!
MD & Boyfriend: THAT'S CORRECT!
Boyfriend's brother: But I think a good friend will give you the knife and tell you to be careful with it.
Boyfriend's brother: Yea.... *Paused* It is also correct to say "A good friend will tell you before they stab you"?
MD & Boyfriend: Yes, it is.
Boyfriend's brother: Okay.. *Paused again* But I would hope a good friend wouldn't stab me at all.
MD & Boyfriend: *&^%$#@

"We really don't have enemies. It is just that some of our friends are trying to kill us."



Unknown said...

see? i'm not that slow. lol. i'm brilliant!

Adinda Adhit said...

Hahahaha... LOL. Edgar is right, because basically stabbing us in the back is WRONG.

Unknown said...

Ooo jadi lo dan Edgar udah nggak "temen" lagi ya statusnya, tapi "brother's girlfriend" dan "boyfriend's brother" ckckck...