Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey! Hey!!!!

My cousins got blogs!

  1. A Piece of Chocolate, and
  2. life is LATTE
Go check 'em outttt!

Ooooohh I forgot to mention they're Sasha and Dinda. You know, Sasha is the girl I take a lot of pictures with.. She's my photography teacher.. Yea.. Sorta :P And Dinda is Sasha's little sister and she's a high school senior who has this so-called ambition to pursue her bachelor degree (of art/design) at ITB. So anyone, please pray for her!!

WHY WAS I PIMPING THEM? They didn't pay me!
Oh.. because I'm cheerful! Actually, I really am quite happy, and for no reason. Yay! Until laterrrr..!


yustiuthe said...

blog g dpromosiin!

shantidewi,dinda maulidya said...

maya,lo sehat kan may?