Monday, May 2, 2011

You don't wanna lose it again but I'm not like them. Baby when you finally get to love somebody guess what..

When I saw my friend with her husband, I see something extra-ordinary. She inspired me to be a better person. Not a different person, just better. Her and her husband are so adorable. Her look: shiny lips, long curly hair, duo colored (brunette and gold), girlie clothing with a pair of capri jeans, plus white flat shoes. Her husband: sleek hair with a fuller bread, Wrangler blue jeans, black Converse, and blue Polo shirt. She looked natural but elegant; and he had a special charm that made her wife feels warm. Effect together: Magical. They are the kind of people who lead you to believe that growing old completely in love with one person is more than possible. They lead you to believe that love is admiration. They are the gold of our generation.

And thank you Instagram for making my hand look like an old lady hand.

♥, Me.


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeehh.... are you referring this post to me? Makasi lho...

Maya Junita said...