Saturday, November 5, 2011

If you're alone and you need a friend, someone to make you forget your problems, just come along baby, take my hand I'll be your lover tonight.

Beside Kim Kardashian, my friend is also a romantic-hopeless [this is a link of me and her talking about her wanting a boyfriend]. I told her to enjoy her single and free moments, do whatever crazy things she wanted, travel to other countries, get drunk, and make mistakes. Last week, I discussed an online dating service because everybody around her always said thing like, "Don't too busy with your own life. Your love is waiting to be found." which makes her went from romantic-hopeless to being even more romantic-hopeless. I've never tried online dating and never thought I would but sometimes I thought it was a good idea if you go to online dating site with a fake identity and enjoy the process. Note that my friend is somewhat into Bules and I know there are so many Bules go online to meet girls.

Anyway, I told her (her name is Jessica, 26 years old) to create a fake online identity and sign up for online dating. So Jessica did, but she used a different website than the one I suggest (you have to pay for it but she signed up for one of the free ones). In a hour she succeed on this site (I don't measure success by going on a date lol). She also had access to a much larger pool of creepers and weirdos because anyone could sign up. This is one of the many weird far too overeager messages she's gotten:
Heeeeey Jessie-mania what's going on? My name is [name delete] 29 yo from Coffeyville, KS and I am a tennis instructor. Sooo cutie I was reading your profile and you seem so goal-oriented and determined. You are a Finance Senior Manager in [deleted] at the moment? Wow! You love Italian and Japanese food? Dooo you like Chinese? Hehe well you seem very sweet so if interested e-mail me but if not, I wanna take care. One dude will be very lucky. Good luck on your career, cool girl!
Okay. First of all, her name IS LISTED as JESS on the site. Why did this guy think it's acceptable to call her "Jessie-mania"? Second of all.. "Heeeeey" and "Dooo you like Chinese"? I will be the first to admit I drag out my words for silliness in messages with friends. But, I would never drag out a word like that (unless it was "sooo") in a message to someone online who I don't know. Lastly.. "Hehe"?!?!?!?! YOU ARE 29 YEARS OLD!!!

This message was weird enough and she obviously never answered. DAYS later, she got this message:
Subject: Heeeeeeyyy what's going down, jessie? (AGAIN WITH THE NICKNAMES?! LOL)
Message: It's the one-and-only [name deleted] making his debut in your inbox. However did I write to you before? Eh whatev... I'm going round 2. What separates myself from the dudes on here is that I'm not some creep, weirdo, or some douchebag, not some dude who says "Hey sexy" or "Nice body" (well later on but not in the first e-mail). Hit me up sometime. I'd love to hear about your job and anything new with it and hey European Greek crisis must be overcome immediately eh? Isn't that like a slap in the face? :/

I have to admire this guy's persistence, in a way. It must take balls to message someone a 2nd time around after they never responded to you the first time. However, if you message a girl on a dating site and you want to message her again, perhaps try something new along the lines. While this might not elicit a response from "Jessie Mania" or whoever you are trying to reach, at least you won't come off like a complete tool. "Did I write to you before? Eh whatev..." IS NOT THE WAY TO GO ABOUT THIS LOL. Also, don't act all nonchalant because it's obvious that's what it is - an act. While he might not be a "creep" or a "douchebag", I think it's safe to say he is in fact a "weirdo". LMFAO.

Honestly I feel sorry about Jess but we laughed it off. We've come to the conclusion that some people on dating sites have no grasp on reality and no knowledge of starting convo. AND THANK GOD Jessica knows how to have fun and wasn't there for finding her true love.

♥, Me


Anonymous said...

Maaaaaaaaaaakkkkkk ini ica nih? Hahahaha kocak abis! Kirimin gw nomor Ica doonk :D

Maya Junita said...

Iya ini Ica, dia nanyain lo mulu :P nomor udah ya ;D