Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay, We're Talking About My Head.

I really remember when I first introduced to make up, I was 2nd grade in junior high when I studied self-empowerment in Duta Bangsa. I love make up. I can say I'm good at putting make up on myself but when I try to put it on other people (even it's a doll or picture) it usually turns out messy and pretty bad. Like this:

I have beige skin color and I'm sucha minimalist person when it comes to make-up and hair do. I don't use make up on a daily basis and never wear more than blush (sometimes without powder *eww*) and I don't use hairspray. I usually use beige loose powder or ivory compact powder and apply rose, chocolate, or sun-kissed blush. I actually hate wearing mascara because it makes my eyelashes look unnatural.

I love my messy and puffy but manageable hair, it looks good without blow drying. It's kinda straight, but not pin straight, like if I let it air-dry it would be a little wavy. My hair originally 80% dark brown but didn't look good in direct sunlight. So I've always wanted to dye my hair black and when I did everybody said my hair was just like a wig. Then, I decided to dye my hair burgundy. It came out okay because it was very close to my natural tone but I get redish undertone that shows up in direct sunlight.

Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you look; childish, sporty, and natural and you look great with your burgundish hair. Yesterday I dyed my hair completely auburn ;)

Maya Junita said...

Wow.. Auburn is such a gorgeous hair color. I bet you look so great with your auburn hair. Thank you, Teteh..

Unknown said...

Hi, u have an interesting blog n nice English. My name is Mariska, I wanna ask u some question:

- That picture are interesting! Is it a result of on-line make over? Where u get it? I think it's not that bad but the make up just kinda too natural.

- My skin colour also beige but I cant apply minimalist or natural make up bcos I'd look kinda pale. So what colors do u use for foundation, powder, eyeshadows, blush & lips? Maybe minimalist but a lil bit bright cud be best for us,,,

- Did u bleach your hair 1st? Bcos if we want it to look good we're goin' to have to bleach our hair 1st, n I think ur original hair (dark brown) has an underlying pigment of red (burgundy is a purplish red, right?). Mine is black n I'm thinkin for light brown/auburn/dark red but I dont want to bleach it but I want what I deserved ^^

I bookmarked ur blog. Hope u can reply asap. Thank u before, MD! I'm so lucky yo found ur blog ^^


Maya Junita said...

Hi Mariska, thanks for visiting. I'm surprised that you're asking some questions about beauty issue to me. Here are my answers, hope you'll satisfy:

- Yes, go to, then point your cursor to hair+skin+makeup feature, then click salon. Fashion makeover also available. Enjoy!

- It's hard to explain this, but if you look pale, try a brown mascara and eyeliner, peach or rosy blush and lips + shiny lip gloss. I'm using foundation and powder that match with my skin tone (sometimes 1 tone darker), dark eyeshadow (whatever the color is), chocolate/rosy blush and chocolate lip gloss. So far, they suit me :)

- I didn't bleach my hair. Actually my dark brown hair was okay indoor, but it was horrible outdoor/under sunlight. Burgundy turned my hair darker (black with burgundish shade and shiny) under indoor light and made my hair looks nicer in direct sunlight. The purplish pink shade looks natural too. If you bleach your hair, prob you'll get a completely light brown/auburn/dark red. But I think completely dark red is quiet horrible, isn't it? Yes, think it over carefully before bleach your hair ;)

For better answers, ask the expert hihihi..

P.S: Auburn maybe best for your pale skin ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you, MD... Peach blush sounds interesting, brown mascara n eye liner too!

Hee... Yes, dark red is quiet horrible. I think I'll try auburn or mahogany. I haven't decided yet :)