Friday, August 15, 2014

Almost 9 years. Here what I learned as I went along.

On December it will be 9 years since I wrote my first blog post here. Nine years, 400+ entries, and being away from most of last 5 years made me realised that blogging is about commitment. I've written post about everything, from journal-y entries, my graduate and post graduate studies, love life, and other thing. Since the beginning, I learned to write a blog post that was a good fit for my style - I always struggle to my rhythm as a writer. I've learned, sometimes the hard way, to listen to my head, not my heart. I've learned what I won't share about, ever.

Plenty of bloggers have gone public, they opened their opportunity window to build community. I used to be a part of them, but then I tried to remember that I started this one to be the "black box" of my life. This blog gives me an open arena to engage in a discussion with myself. I found it therapeutic to write even if it had no recipient (although I kinda always wanted someone to stumble across it and read it hehe..). This blog is kind of like that -- a place for me to lay my thoughts without actually directing it at one person.

After long consideration, I purchased a domain for this blog. Regular visitors who types will be directed to Yes, you are here; in my place, my home; where you can find random acts of stupidity, stories about the many things, and other things that I have let go of what I cannot change and try to live in the present day of my life. 

♥, Me.


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Fradita Wanda Sari said...

Wow, 9 tahun, benar2 bukan waktu yang singkat hehe. Aku suka sama paragraf kedua terakhir, gue banget juga.

Maya Junita said...

Ah iyaaa.. sekarang sudah hampir 10 tahun. Makin lama makin susah nulis karena kesibukan kerja dan hidupnya mulai monoton, tapi selalu seneng ketika nulis dan ketika suatu hari napak tilas ngebaca postingan-postingan lama :)