Sunday, July 13, 2008

Entomophobia Familia.

My brother (the left-handed one a.k.a Left-handed Prince) and I were playing Second Life in my bedroom when I saw this disgusting blackcurrant thing with 6 legs and a pair of antenna near my desk. I was shocked, then I screamed to my brother, "OMG! It's Periplaneta Americana!" *with telenovela accent. Blah!*, then I ran, then my brother screamed, than he climbed onto my chair.

What happened last night, it was very funny, actually. My brother wore swimming glasses, Baygon in his right hand, and broom-of-split-coconut-midribs in his left hand *LMFAO*. The disgusting blackcurrant thing played hide and seek with us so my brother was having a HUGE trouble. When I saw that disgusting blackcurrant thing, I screamed, "That's the roach! Watch out!", then my brother screamed too, then he ran, then I ran.

It scared us to death. OMG. It was cockroach! Oh. My. God. My brothers and I have been living with Entomophobia, especially Blattodephobia and Arachnophobia. Not only scary with some kind of insects but also phobia because they are evil creatures!! Whenever we accidentally saw one, we totally freaked, and left the room or house until someone killed the thing.

So since we are quiet paranoid and phobia with cockroaches and spiders, there is a certain procedure that we always apply:

  1. Jump on the spot, preferably Pocong jump, three until five times along with scream, "Cockroach! Cockroach!" or, "Spidey! Spidey! But not the Spiderman!"
  2. We climb onto something
  3. Then jump again
  4. Then scream again
  5. We ruuuun awwaaaaaaayy from the thing
  6. We scream again in the hope that our warrior (maids or daddy) will save us
  7. We can't see it, because the thing starts to play hide and seek
  8. We start screaming hysterically if the thing appears again
  9. We start jumping again
  10. We run
  11. Warrior says it's over
  12. Evidence says so
  13. We forget to thank him/her

We can't deal with disgusting things with blackcurrant color that has 6 legs and a pair of antenna and things with 8 legs! Superchildish, but they are so nasty and scary because they move erractly with speed and they can hide everywhere they want and watch us. Yucks.

P.S: I've just dug out my old blog's archives, and I found similar posting. Eww.. I'm a coward..


Anonymous said...

I HATE cockroaches too! Yucks. YUCKS! Because they are dark and ugly, because they have long spiny legs, because they have flimsy paper wings, because la-la-la, and because they are just SO gross!!! Once, one crawled on my body while I was sleeping in backyard and I awoke to the awful sensation of prickly li'l legs crawling over my skin. The other reason I hate them is because they come out so unexpectedly. That's not only shocking but also very IRRITATING!

You and your brother sound like kids :P But I, too, scream, but I don't do the jumping :P Then I go and get something to spray it with and hope it's in the same spot when I get back.

But if you want to marry me, I will volunteer to take over cockroach-killing duty. But I can't promise you. Sorry I can't. Because I hate cockroaches too. I think I'm gonna write a book called: Why the World Doesn't Need Cockroaches!

Unknown said...

you two are the dumbest couple in the world. it's only a cockroach! laughing-my-ass-off!

let's pray, de, hope gori will be your another warrior and will kill the cockroach for you in the future instead of jumping and screaming with you.

this posting and the 1st comment are sooooo funny!

Unknown said...

Our sisters used to kill cockroaches for us (Igor & I) but then we went for "hypnotherapy" to cure this phobia, unfortunately it didn't work for your RENDIKA GAURE HARINDRA.

Funny... funny...

Kibo: Amin.

Gotta back to work... *fuckin' bored*

Maya Junita said...

Igor: LMAO :D I have no crawling experience, anyway.. Yucks! It'd probably cause a heart attack.

Kibo: I'm a girrrlllll.. it's normal :D But Gori sounds like a lil buoooy..

Edgar: You went for hypnotherapy to cure this? I'm not willing to do that. I don't want to be friends with them. Anyway, your sisters are the heroes!

D I S G U S T I N G . .

Unknown said...

I have Entomophobia too. I did a therapy but it didn't work. I'm such a lil' girl when it comes to this. I scream, I run, and I cry. Hee...

Anonymous said...

I hate bugs (cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, etc) and roaches are the worst! But now I live in hubby's apartment and I haven't seen a roaches in the looooooong time x)

Unknown said...

Jump on the spot, preferably Pocong jump, three until five times along with scream, "Cockroach! Cockroach!" or, "Spidey! Spidey! But not the Spiderman!"

------> llol. you're a bit of a freak haha lol... just kidding!

Igor malah curhat haha goblok.

I usually watch "the things with 8 legs" with a lot of intrigue & like to see them scuttling around ;) I like spiders! And I was an ant bully!!!!!

Maya Junita said...

Mariska: Me too! I HATE cockroaches!!

Teh Adinda: Yeah, your husband is a 'clean' and 'tidy' person. You're very lucky =]

Noiy: Hiiyyuuuccckkss!!!! Yeah I knew you were an ant bully and experienced ELEPHANT bully. Hahaha.. I remember. I WILL ALWAYS remember that!! I think Igor loves to write long comments on my blog lately.

Adhit Jivanka said...

Cockroaches can survive from nuclear holocaust, makes me wonder what's in those spray cans....

-CLEAN and TIDY person-

Maya Junita said...

Transflutrin 0.06%
Imiprotrin 0.05%
Siper 0.10%

0.79% = I bet it's stronger than a nuclear holocaust. Maybe nuclear holocausts? *God's secret..* :Giggled: